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We Build And Manage Your Web Business


We remember why and how a good website is of utmost importance to your business.


Our works resonate with satisfied, happy clients who place their trusts in us.


We recommend the best approach for your corporate profile to be presented online.


  • As a Web Content Manager, we are responsible for the information that appears on our clients' websites. We work closely with project teams, editors, developers and designers to coordinate the site content, making sure it caters to our clients' needs.

  • 23 years and running, we are proud to say that despite being a small team, ADN has been able to support our clients' regular updates and development requests efficiently, exceeding their expectations at times. Clients who have worked with us will know that we are responsive, flexible and dependable, and it is precisely due to the fact that we are a lean team, there no red tapes or bottlenecks. Decisions are made without having to go through many unnecessary levels.

  • Very often we treat our customers the way we want to be treated - with respect. We value their time. We try as much as possible to "complete the sentence if they unintentionally missed out a few words in it”. We listen to our clients for their spoken and unspoken requirements, meaning not just what they have communicated to us verbally, but also things they might have missed out or forgotton about. Basically, we put ourselves in our clients' shoes and think thoroughly what is the best for them, according to their available budget and resources.

  • When working on projects, some vendors tend to size up the project in order to increase the revenue. We understand how this impacts the bottom-line. However, we also understand that some clients might be unsure or hesitant due to lack of understanding of requirements, budget, etc. Therefore we like to encourage our clients to take baby steps, moving forward in phases, because we can see that there is no need to buy a super computer just to compute 2+2. So for most projects, we will be flexible and practical when it comes to proposing solutions for our clients. We do not just think of our bottom-line, we want an end product that is useful and cost-effective for our clients as well.

  • Before signing off development projects, we strongly encourage our clients to spend some time trying out the application or going through the newly developed site from a user’s perspective. This is a crucial step as it can greatly help improve user experience. On our part, we will do our best to carry out the necessary touch-ups and improvements while being mindful not to exceed clients' budget and timeline. This is our passion, and we believe in submitting our best works to our clients, handing over to them a product that does work for them.

If you are interested to find out more about our services or have a question that we can help you with, please feel free to contact us using the contact information below:

Tel : 65 6226 1819
Email : [email protected]

We don't just work for you. We work with you.

Our Work

It is not just about being efficient. We deliver effective solutions.


  • Web Management

    Web Management

    Your website is one of your most important marketing assets, a platform that you can use to promote your business. The content on your site has a significant impact on the traffic that you draw to your site which contributes to your online sales and enquires. But before all these can happen you will need a web content manager to actively manage it and this is what we do.

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  • Web Programming

    Web Programming

    Not every business owner needs to know how to code their own programs, but they definitely need to know where to find a reliable team to develop programs for them, ensuring their businesses benefit from this automation process.

    Find out how we can automate your business process.

  • Web Development

    Web Development

    Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we take your preferred concept or template and merge it with what our knowledge, skills and current trends. Basically we turn your ideas into full working web site.

    Is your website mobile-friendly?   You may want to check it out here.
    It is also critical for your web site to support mobile devices these days considering most people checks websites via their mobile phones or tablets. If you need a free consultation,

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  • Web Analytics

    Web Analytics

    Are you tracking where your visitors are coming from? Or at which point they leave your website? It is important for you as a business owner to understand your potential customers' behaviours so that you can enhance their browsing experience which can lead to potential revenue for you.

    Let us help you with your web analytics.

  • Web Marketing

    Web Marketing

    A series of planned marketing activities can help you keep your potential customers engaged. Keep them informed and interested and when they are ready to make a purchase, you will be the one they think of.

    Talk to us for marketing solutions now.


Are you tired of having to coordinate and manage your web content? Or are you too busy to even start exploring the expensive, sophisticated content management system you have invested in?

You are not alone. Many of our clients are experiencing one or more of the above scenarios.

Our Rent-A-Webmaster Service can help you resolve these problems.

How we can help you to manage these tasks and save precious time:

0 worries
1 web site
2 social media accounts
3 updates a week

All you need to do is to share with us your content calendar or plan, or we can work with you to create one right away. We will assist you to plan ahead for your online marketing needs, work on it and you will receive regular updates from us on the status, all for the salary of what you could be paying for a temporary staff.

Contact us now to find out how our Rent-A-Webmaster Service can reduce your workload so you have quality time to focus on your core business.

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